Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices

Nature’s Perfection:
Taste Good, Smell Good

Seasoning enhances the authentic flavour of an amazing dish. Herbs and spices are nothing new, and we have been using them for many centuries for numerous purposes.
They are essential (and sometimes compulsory) ingredients for any cooking, preventing bland dishes and inducing a burst of flavours. In fact, the right quality and amount of herbs and spices can transform your cooking into something memorable.
Packaging is extremely challenging for herbs and spices, and keeping them fresh is no easy feat. Therefore, we developed and incorporated Barrier In-Mould Labelling  into our packaging solutions in order to maintain the product’s freshness as much as possible.

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Is plastic a good solution for sensitive herbs and spices?

With our advanced Barrier Technology, we securely protect the organic herbs and spices that are sensitive to oxygen by significantly reducing the oxygen transmission rate. Our experts develop effective solutions so that products can achieve a longer shelf life at an affordable rate.

All in all, plastic packaging is a great modern solution that should be adopted by those in the herbs and spices industry.