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Ice Cream Tub & Container Singapore

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Step up your ice cream brand in Singapore with an attractive and bespoke tub and container made especially for your brand.

Due to the year-round summer, it is not an exaggeration to say that ice creams are Singaporeans’ favourite dessert. The same can be said for our neighbouring countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.
Today, the ice cream market is flourishing due to economic and lifestyle changes. Ice cream brand owners develop various innovations to cope with the industry’s ever-changing needs—from low-calorie ice cream and protein ice cream to new flavours. As everyone’s favourite, ice creams go through perpetual innovation to suit customers’ expectations.

Different sizes of ice cream tubs are used for B2B. The typical size of an ice cream tub or container in Singapore ranges from 100ml, 470ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, to 6000ml; these are the standard. For this particular product, we recommend the In-Mould Labelling, a decorative method that is completely sustainable, recyclable, and safe.

Ice Cream Tub Supplier Singapore

Why Quality Packaging Matters for Ice Cream

Ensuring Freshness

Ice cream is a delicate and temperature-sensitive product. With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, ice cream requires packaging that can maintain its creamy consistency and flavour.

A well-sealed tub ensures that no unwanted air or contaminants enter, thus ensuring the freshness and taste of the ice cream remain intact.

Convenience for the Consumer

The ease of opening, resealing, and storing is essential for ice cream consumers. Quality packaging provides this convenience, making it easy for users to scoop out their desired amount and store the remainder without hassle.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

As Singapore’s consciousness towards environmental sustainability grows, brands are making a shift towards eco-friendly packaging.
Consumers are more likely to choose products with recyclable or sustainable ice cream packaging. Combi-Pack offers packaging that is both functional and environmentally conscious.

The Art of Design in Ice Cream Tub in Singapore

A visually appealing tub design can significantly influence a consumer’s purchasing decision.

From vibrant colours to captivating graphics, the design elements of an ice cream tub or container serve as a direct communication tool with the consumer.

The packaging can convey a brand’s story, values, and commitment. Whether it’s emphasising artisanal craftsmanship, unique flavours, or sustainable sourcing, the design of the tub can narrate a compelling story.

Innovation isn’t limited to just the ice cream’s flavours but extends to its packaging. Unique shapes, easy-to-scoop designs, and resealable lids are some innovations that can set a brand apart.

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Ice Cream Tub Sizes and Their Uses in Singapore

100ml to 470ml

Perfect for individual servings or limited-edition flavours, these sizes are portable and cater to single users or small groups.

1000ml to 1500ml

Ideal for family-sized servings or gatherings, these tubs ensure there’s enough creamy goodness for everyone.


Typically used for B2B, such as restaurants, caterers, or ice cream parlours, these large tubs ensure that businesses have ample stock to serve their customers.

Ice Cream Container Supplier in Singapore

Ice Cream Packaging in the Tropics

Weather Challenges

Given the warm and humid climate of Singapore and its neighbouring countries, ice cream packaging needs to be robust to prevent quick melting and ensure product integrity.

Seasonal Flavours and Packaging

Tropical fruits and flavours provide a unique opportunity for seasonal ice creams. Packaging can be designed to reflect these local flavours, offering a more personalised touch.

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Combi-Pack is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and advanced ice cream packaging (tub & container) in Singapore.

Ice Cream Tub & Container Singapore


What type of packaging is best for ice cream tub in Singapore?

In-Mould Labelling ice cream container made from polypropylene (PP) plastic is great for ice cream packaging. Aside from being a food-grade tub, it is also 100% recyclable, economical, and durable. In addition, the PP ice cream container offers increased flexibility and is resistant to corrosion.

How can I enhance my ice cream tub?

Enhance your ice cream tub with our innovative IML packaging solution. IML packaging is tremendously advantageous, offering shorter production times, eco-friendly and hygienic design, a variety of choices, and maximum print quality.