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Combi Cup: Plastic Cup Supplier in Singapore
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An exceptional plastic cup packaging in Singapore, the Combi Cup lessens plastic consumption by 25% through sophisticated design and advanced thin-wall packing technology.
The Combi Cup features a recycled cardboard sleeve, serving as more eco-friendly packaging while increasing the product’s shelf life. This future-ready packaging technology offers various benefits without using excessive resources.
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Easy Recyclability

Fret not; our plastic cup packaging technology in Singapore has been 100% recyclable since 2007. Combi-Pack makes recycling a breeze with an intelligently designed process that requires no stickers or adhesive in the entire manufacturing process. As a result, consumers enjoy a seamless and straightforward recycling process, contributing to better sustainability in the packaging industry.

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Uniquely Designed

With its distinctive and protruding ribs, the Combi Cup should be your first choice of packaging for products that are served hot. The cup’s packaging enables heat insulation, which is ideal for products such as instant noodles, soups, and more.
Furthermore, the packaging can also function as a decorative process, as it comes with unparalleled lithography print quality and rib-less design for products that are not served hot.

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Benefits of Combi Cup

Plastic Cup Supplier in Singapore

User Experience and the Combi Cup

Nobody enjoys the discomfort of holding a scalding cup of coffee or soup. The Combi Cup’s unique design with protruding ribs serves a dual purpose. 

In addition to structural integrity, it provides a natural grip area, spaced perfectly for fingers, so consumers can enjoy their hot beverages without any discomfort.

Adaptability is a coveted feature in the fast-paced world of F&B. The Combi Cup stands out with its ability to house a plethora of products. Its design ensures insulation for hot items while also being suitable for cold desserts or room-temperature snacks. 

This adaptability reduces the need for businesses in Singapore to invest in varied plastic cup packaging solutions, streamlining inventory and logistics.

The Eco-Friendly Plastic Packaging for Businesses in Singapore

As businesses evolve in the 21st century, so does their responsibility towards the environment. The mounting pressure of climate change and the increasing awareness about the detrimental effects of pollution have pushed eco-friendliness to the forefront of corporate agendas.

Tackling the Plastic Menace

Traditional plastic cups can take hundreds of years to decompose, leaving a lasting impact on our environment. The Combi Cup’s initiative to reduce plastic usage by 25% showcases a proactive step towards alleviating this global concern.

Echoing Consumer Sentiments

Modern consumers are well-informed and often prioritise environmentally responsible products. By choosing the Combi Cup, businesses showcase their commitment to these values, fostering trust and loyalty among eco-conscious consumers.

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Customisation: Reflecting Your Brand’s Identity

First impressions are lasting. For many products, the packaging is the initial touchpoint between the brand and the consumer, making its design crucial.

Vivid Imagery

The Combi Cup’s high-lithography printing technology is a game-changer. It allows brands to depict intricate designs, vibrant colours, and clear text, ensuring the packaging truly mirrors the brand’s essence.

Beyond Aesthetics

Customisation is not just about looks. It is about resonating with the consumer, telling a story, and sharing values.
Whether a brand is playful, serious, vintage, or modern, the Combi Cup serves as a canvas, allowing brands to convey their unique identity and making their plastic packaging stand out on Singapore’s shelves and in consumers’ minds.

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Combi-Pack is one of the reputable manufacturers of robust and reliable plastic cup packaging in Singapore.

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What is a “Combi Cup”?

Initially, our in-house experts developed “Combi Cup” to provide a reliable packaging option for products that are served hot. The packaging delivers a myriad of functional benefits, namely heat insulation and its lighter weight compared to other plastic packaging. A Combi Cup can also be used as a standalone decorative process for products like instant noodles, confectionary, spread, yoghurt and more.

Can I use a Combi Cup for hot food?

Yes, the Combi Cup is built with heat insulation features. Thus, the packaging is able to contain hot meals or water without damaging its material. Kindly check with our team for further information.

What is the significance of the protruding rib design?

The protruding rib designs help to reinforce the plastic cup’s strength, durability, and wall thickness. This makes it much safer and easier for consumers to hold the cup while the cup’s contents are still hot.

Can I reuse the Combi Cup packaging?

Yes, plastic packaging can undoubtedly be “repurposed,” especially once the consumer has ensured that the products are clean of oil and food remnants. To do so, one must thoroughly wash them with warm water and dish soap. For hygienic purposes, it is best to clean plastic plates, cups, and utensils properly before reusing them.

How can I design my plastic cup?
Combi-Pack provides high-quality plastic cup packaging. We create plastic cups using high-lithography printing technology, providing professional printing quality for your label designs. In addition, if needed, we also offer metallic hot stamping and spot UV services to improve your design further and maximise your packaging potential.
What is the use of Combi Cups?
Combi Cups are extremely versatile and can be used for any industry. The packaging is suitable for a wide range of food products such as chocolate, cookies, instant noodles, and more.
How can Combi-Pack help you get the best value possible?
Our sophisticated decorative processes, IML & Combi Cup, are guaranteed to help your brand capture customer’s attention and gain a competitive edge in today’s saturated market. We endeavour to help your brand reach international packaging standards and set itself apart from the competition.