Custom Packaging Singapore

Custom Packaging in Singapore that Meets Expectations

Focusing on enhancing production efficiency, marketing effectiveness, consumer packaging experience and sustainability, we go the extra mile to provide a custom packaging solution in Singapore that manifests your ideas into reality. Dedicated to delivering exceptional products at a reasonable price, we ensure all of our solutions comply with rigorous quality and hygienic requirements.

Above all, we take our work seriously and endeavour to supply our customers in Singapore with innovative and sustainable custom packaging.

Custom Packaging Singapore

Packaging Experience Enhancement

Production efficiency solution

Special application packaging

Shelf life extension project

(O2 & Water Vapour Barrier)

In-Mould labelling capability

Combi Cup Capability


High volume production


Needs & Requirements

We firmly believe that having an in-depth understanding of our client’s unique requirements is paramount in ensuring the packaging’s success. In order to meet clients’ expectations, our team will gather relevant data to suggest workable ideas and move to the next step.


Design sketches & Recommendation

To visualise the client’s ideal package, we begin with a good comprehension of the customer’s needs and the facility. Next, we work on sketches and CAD mock drawings. Customers have occasionally given us samples or rough sketches, which has facilitated us to complete the design with little to no hitch.


Details & Prototyping

After the approval of our drafts, we proceeded with the approved draft details. We understand that not everyone can visualise how the appearance and feel of the packaging. Thus, we provide a free 3D printing service so our customers can experience the packaging firsthand. We also advise customers to fully assemble their products and test the capacity to see if there is enough headroom.


Mould Fabrication

We prioritise every project regardless of its size or scope. Equipped with the knowledge of the annual volume, our experts will suggest the right mould required for the project. Once the final design is accepted, we can start manufacturing the commercial moulds.


Time to Shine,
with Your New Custom Packaging in Singapore

With your new packaging, we will work with you to create a narrative around your product that will increase customer engagement and, ultimately, improve sales. Our primary goal is to improve your whole packing experience, both aesthetically and functionally.

Custom Packaging Supplier in Singapore

Navigating Challenges Together

Our collaboration with clients in Singapore goes beyond just delivering custom packaging solutions. We partner with you to navigate through any potential challenges, ensuring that your packaging not only meets but exceeds market demands and standards.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Navigating the regulatory landscape in Singapore can be complex. Our experienced team can offer guidance on compliance with health and safety, environmental, and other relevant standards.

Solutions for Challenging Environments

Whether it is packaging that can withstand high humidity, extreme temperatures, or rough handling, we have the expertise to develop solutions that meet your product’s specific needs.

Market Trends Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with insights from our market experts. We provide information on the latest trends in consumer preferences, industry innovations, and more, ensuring your packaging is current and relevant.

Custom Packaging Manufacturer in Singapore

Enhanced Branding and Marketing Support

The power of custom packaging extends beyond the physical product. Your product packaging tells your brand story and enhances your visibility in the market in Singapore.

Join us in interactive sessions designed to understand your brand identity deeply. These insights allow us to create packaging solutions that resonate with your brand voice and ethos. 

We understand the role of effective packaging in marketing strategies. From unique packaging shapes that catch the eye to practical designs that consumers love, we ensure your custom packaging contributes positively to your marketing efforts in Singapore. 

In today’s digital age, your product’s appearance on social media matters. We design Instagram-worthy packaging that consumers want to share, enhancing your online presence and engagement. 

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Combi-Pack is one of the reputable manufacturers of robust and reliable custom plastic packaging in Singapore.

Custom Packaging Singapore


What is custom packaging?

Instead of selecting ready-made packaging for your products, custom packaging is built specifically to accommodate your product. The packaging is exclusively tailored to suit your product, brand and production line.

Why should I opt for custom packaging?

Custom packaging enables you to present and differentiate your products to stay ahead of competitors. After all, selling your product depends heavily on providing a distinctive and satisfying consumer experience. Also, the impact of thoughtful packaging on a consumer’s perception of the brand, company, and quality should not be taken for granted.


Coca-Cola, for instance, consistently creates its bottles in a recognisable shape. This design has been remembered by consumers, which is helpful for their future marketing. Custom packaging is also necessary for your production line, not simply for marketing reasons but also to increase productivity or address specific issues.

What can I customise for my packaging?

Essentially, you can customise any aspect of the design, including height, width, shape, and location of labels and graphics. You can choose between Tamper Evident or Foil Sealing option. Doing so enables you to make your product stand out on store shelves or even fulfil a specific purpose with bespoke packaging in Singapore.

How does Combi Pack create custom packaging in Singapore?
We begin by properly comprehending the needs and specifications of your product. We then translate them into recommendations and design concepts. Following your design approval, we will produce a prototype and decide the best and most affordable approach to move forward with manufacturing based on your design and the necessary volume. Contact us today to discuss your product’s specific needs.
What are some of the significance of In-Mould Labelling?
  • Highly durable and hygienic
  • Offers maximum print quality
  • Lower production costs
  • 100% recyclable
Learn more about the benefits of IML