Food Service

Food Service

Redefining Catering with Utmost Protection

Premium food service packaging in Singapore starts here. Combi-Pack offers custom food service containers to match your needs.
Recognising that all containers deserve well-decorated packaging regardless of size, Combi provides IML solutions for a range of size requirements. Our 100% recyclable products are delivered in large sizes, ranging from 3L up to 10L pails, with industrial-like quality to ensure the utmost protection against impacts.
Furthermore, our packaging provides extra safety against leaks as its non-corroding PP material ensures secure storage with safety lids that seal tightly. Along with improved safety measures to prevent unauthorised tampering, our exceptional IML solutions help enhance the container’s feel and look to bring the highest standards of quality into your food service plastic packaging.

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Food Service

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Combi-Pack is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and advanced dairy packaging in Singapore.


What can Combi Pack offer in this product range?

We aim to provide our customers with value-added services. In-Mould Labelling solutions have also been adopted into our Food Service Packaging solution to help our customers remove the need to label the packaging themselves. With a growing range, we currently offer 3L, 5L, and 10L pails.