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Today, the dairy industry is booming globally. In particular, the yoghurt market has been proven to be extremely competitive, with various brands looking to position themselves as the best.
Consuming yoghurt is the current trend toward health consciousness and a high natural protein diet. It is often served together with condiments such as granola, biscuit crumbs, and more. What’s more, yoghurt is consumed at home and on the go. The right packaging enables customers to enjoy your product anytime, anywhere.

A great packaging design also helps the brand stand out and creates a competitive advantage, and Combi-Pack has been providing the yoghurt industry with premium packaging since 2007. Above all, we have the right packaging solution to realise your ideas and create incredibly convenient packaging that provides added value.

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Combi-Pack is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and advanced dairy packaging in Singapore.


Why should you use plastic packaging for your yoghurt, cheese, and other dairy products?

Plastic is a durable and economical material, making it one of the best packaging solutions available in the market. It protects and preserves your product to avoid early deterioration.

With the flexibility in shape that Plastic Injection offers, your product will definitely catch the attention of potential customers. Plastic is also food-safe and easily recyclable, which helps reduce severe environmental impacts.

Which is a better option for dairy — IML or Combi Cup?

Both options are suitable for the Dairy segment, and we have sufficient experience working with large MNCs for yoghurt in Combi Cup. However, we believe that our IML product is a better option for chilled products as it is waterproof, which eliminates the risk of water damage.

Is plastic packaging strong enough for products that are treated with-40 Degrees?

Certain types of plastic, namely Polypropylene and Polyethylene, are able to survive extreme environments and do not easily degrade in cold temperatures (depending on their grades). At Combi-Pack, we offer materials that can withstand -40 Degrees. Kindly check with our team for more information.