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We produce sustainable plastic food packaging in Singapore, which makes sustainability an essential factor in our business operations.

Sustainable Food Packaging Singapore Combi Cares

Sustainable Food Packaging Singapore

At Combi-Pack, we are rethinking our primary responsibility as a manufacturer and redefining how we design plastic packaging. Driven to build a better future in Singapore through sustainable food packaging, we use Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) to ensure our products are fully recyclable.

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturers

It is impossible to deny the advantages of plastic food packaging. After all, plastic is conveniently lightweight, low in carbon emission, durable and can be completely recycled without difficulty. Thus, we aim to deliver a real, sustainable plastic packaging solution.
Today, sustainable packaging has become a priority for brands and consumers alike. As a responsible company, we support recycled-based, biodegradable products, and sustainable plastic packaging solutions to reduce environmental footprint.

Green Food Packaging Singapore

Eco-Friendly Partnerships

Joining Hands for the Future

Recognising that the journey to sustainability is a collective one, Combi-Pack partners with environmentally conscious suppliers, research institutions, and other stakeholders to advance sustainable food packaging solutions in Singapore.

Together, we work on breakthrough innovations, research, and methods to minimise environmental impact while maximising product efficiency.
Doing Our Part 1

Initiatives for the Future

With our Combi Cup and In-Mould Labelling, we are doing our part to preserve and protect the planet for the next generation. Combining PP and recycled cardboard, our signature Combi Cup saves up to 25% of the material used and is 100% recyclable.

Similarly, our In-Mould Labelling is a fully recyclable packaging alternative that requires no segregation, providing ease for recyclers. Categorised as “Thin Wall Packaging”, our product uses minimal resources, minimising carbon footprint and reducing our environmental impact.

Doing Our Part

‘Combi Cares’ is our sustainable motto, and we aim to convey that in our plastic packaging solutions. Our signature Combi-Cup is designed to save up to 25% of the material used and is 100% recyclable with two main components of 100% PP and recycled cardboard.

Also, our In-Mould Labelling is a 100% recyclable option that requires no segregation, therefore creating ease for recyclers. Our products are classified as “Thin Wall Packaging”, a type of packaging that uses minimal resources, thus significantly reducing carbon footprint and minimising environmental impact.

Tackling Food Wastage

Food wastage contributes to 11% of the global carbon footprint emission. Our innovative barrier solution effectively extends a product’s shelf life and prevents cross-contamination. With a prolonged expiry date, the problem of food wastage is greatly reduced.

Providing A Second Life

With sustainability in mind, we collect recyclable waste used within our compounds (paper/plastic/aluminium/glass) and recycle them through proper channels. Giving back to the local community, we spread joy by sending our recyclables to a charity group.

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging in Singapore

The Combi Green Pledge

Our Promise to the Planet

We are determined to see a world where packaging complements nature rather than competing with it.
Our Green Pledge is a solemn commitment to ensuring that, by 2030, 90% of our packaging solutions will be derived from recycled materials or will be fully biodegradable. It is our way of solidifying our dedication to a greener future.

Your Role in the Green Journey

Let’s Make a Difference Together

Our customers play a pivotal role in advancing the sustainability agenda. By choosing Combi-Pack, you are not just selecting a plastic packaging solution in Singapore; you are making a statement for the planet.
Together, we can build a more sustainable future for the generations to come.

Sustainable Food Packaging Singapore

Experiencing Food Packaging Challenges?

We are experts in helping businesses overcome challenges in food packaging. Reach out to us and explore our sustainable, custom food packaging products and services in Singapore, made exclusively for your needs.

Sustainable Food Packaging Supplier in Singapore


Why does Combi-Pack place the utmost importance on providing sustainable food packaging in Singapore?

Combi-Pack is proud to be a reputable provider of sustainable food packaging in Singapore. Thus, we strive to deliver high-quality, innovative and sustainable food packaging in Singapore by leveraging our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

How does Combi-Pack represent the drive towards sustainable packaging?
At Combi-Pack, we understand the significant role of packaging in addressing the challenges of sustainable food consumption. We endeavour to reduce the environmental footprint of packed food by providing advanced and sustainable food packaging solutions.  Combi aims to tackle food waste by understanding your needs so that we can create the right solution for your specific product. Throughout the years, we have helped various brands double or triple their shelf life by understanding the type of food and barrier technology required.