Combi-Pack offers sustainable plastic packaging solutions regardless of industry. Our plastic packaging helps to preserve and protect food due to its robust durability and advanced technology.


The dairy category is a growing industry in the Singaporean market. From yoghurt to milk-based products, our packaging solutions are designed to suit the ever-increasing demand for dairy products, both locally and globally.

Instant Noodles / Meal

Our instant noodles/meal packaging products are made with practicality and convenience in mind. Have no worries as our ready-to-go packaging solutions are heat-resistant for your consumers’ convenience.


We understand the need for total protection cookies packaging. As such, our solution takes care of your fragile cookies by protecting them from moisture, so your cookies stay fresh.


We cannot forget one of human's favourite snacks, chocolates. We offer a solution that provides the perfect packaging for your chocolates, whether they are sold to hotels, bakeries or directly to consumers.

Ice Cream

An eye-catching packaging is a priority for the highly competitive ice cream industry. We ensure our ice cream packaging provides the right material to withstand your process and provide a total protection solution.

Herbs & Spices

A very sensitive product that requires special care. Incorporating the IML-Barrier into our designs, our solutions help to maintain your product's freshness and effectively extend its shelf life period.

Cream & Paste

From sour creams, and ricotta, to pasta sauce, we have services catered to suit your needs, requirements, and process. Our environmentally friendly solutions are always convenient and aesthetically attractive.

Food Service

From industrial food-grade pails to your regular food service items- we have them all. We deliver a sustainable solution complete with total protection and irresistible decorative technology for your products.

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Combi-Pack is one of the leading manufacturers of reliable, unique, and innovative plastic food packaging in Singapore.