In-Mould Labelling

Step Decoration

Hassle-Free Decoration Method

The In-Mould Labelling (IML) technology has shown promising growth in the Southeast Asian market for almost every product category. At Combi-Pack, our advanced IML solution includes a single, straightforward decorative process.

Essentially, the IML process involves inserting the packaging’s label into the mould and subsequently injecting molten plastic. The label and plastic portion are then joined by the heat from the molten plastic, creating a flawless one-step decorative process.
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Sustainable and Attractive Labelling

In-Mould Labelling is a fully recyclable option as the label and plastic are made from the same material—Polypropylene (PP), categorised as a mono-material.
Mono-material packaging is more efficient than other types of packaging and needs the least labour. The packaging also improves overall recyclability because it merely contains one type of material, eliminating the need for label removal.
Moreover, it functions as a powerful marketing strategy if the consumer decides to reuse the packaging. Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

Maintain Freshness

Improved Shelf Life

Combining a PP cup with an Oxygen In-Mould Labelling barrier enables us to increase the shelf life of almost any product.
With the Oxygen Barrier technology, packaged food can last longer while remaining fresh. The technology of Oxygen Barrier has also created more export opportunities for brand owners, reaching other countries.

Benefits of IML

Whether you are a startup needing a small batch or a large corporation requiring millions of units, plastic injection moulding scales to your needs. 

From durable hard plastics for automotive parts to soft, flexible ones for medical equipment, the method accommodates a wide range of materials. 

Unlike other methods where excess material is chopped off and discarded, injection moulding is precise, leading to minimal waste. 

Barrier & Water Resistant 

Safeguard your food products and provide utmost protection against oxidation by using our Oxygen Barrier technology. This greatly extends your product’s shelf life and minimises food waste.

As they are water-resistant, In-Mould Labels are excellent for refrigerated and frozen products. Even with condensation, no harm will be done to the labels and inks.

Premium Decorations Meet Competitive Pricing 

In-Mould Labelling is cheaper than other decorative processes from injection moulding, namely stickering, shrink-sleeving, and heat transfer labels. However, unlike other decorative methods, IML produces prints with the highest quality.

More Space, Better Marketing

With IML, we can fit the desired labels onto expected areas in a consistent manner. The labels can be customised to fit 360 degrees (wrapped round), 3-sided (bottom and 2 sides) or 5-sided (bottom and 4 sides). Ultimately, the shape of the packaging heavily impacts the label fitting.

Artwork Amendment

Offset printing has no predicted plate costs, making it more affordable than other types of printing. With IML, introducing new flavours or food variations has never been easier, as we can amend the artwork with ease. Simply tell us about your new product, and we will change the labelling to suit your needs.

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